Yill mobile energy storage unit.

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Yill is a small 1kWh energy storage unit that can power a modern workstation for two to three days without cords or cables. The wheel-shaped design with a retractable handle allows you to move and power up anywhere. This makes the layout of a workplace extremely flexible. Teams can form quickly and easily where they are needed, even in older buildings or factory lofts. Yill stores energy in a rechargeable lithium titanium battery, which is extremely safe, recharges quickly and has a long operating life. It has a nominal power of 300 Watts.

Manufacturer: Younicos AG, Germany
Design: Studio Aisslinger
Materials: lithium titanium battery.
Dimensions: Ø526 x 283mm.
More: www.younicos.com/yill/


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Seapower16 said...

It would be great if the movement of the wheel could also help to recharge the battery!!

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