How does it work?


We do it... 
Designitives periodically and randomly publishes product designs to be evaluated by you.

...or you do it
How to propose a product design in Suited! Product Design


2 You can evaluate the product by participating in the public survey and you can review the results to know what people value. You can also give your opinion and take part in an open debate. You don’t have to be a user of the product in question: say what it suggests to you and what could be improved.

3 If the manufacturer does not come to Designitives, then Designitives will go to the manufacturer. Just to make sure the manufacturer reads us, whatever the case, 90 days after launching the survey of the product, we will send the manufacturer the complete results, with no manipulation nor interpretation, and also the complete debate on the product.

4 Every twelve months we will publish a ranking in each category of the best valued products.


That’s to be seen! It will all depend on the ideas all of us are able to offer, and the the manufacturers' ability and willingness to listen. We are not a consumer organization that analyzes, compares, recommends or advises against this or that product: an organization the manufacturer fears.

We are an “ideas platform” that allows people to evaluate, discuss and even propose products. A vehicle of communication between designers, engineers, consumers and those manufacturers who are committed to making products that benefit us all.

A good constructive criticism, a suggestion for improving the functions of a product, a clear description of requirements will catch the interest of all those implicated in its production.
The more we are and the better we are in what we say and suggest, the more we are likely to be taken notice of.