Noteslate e-Ink tablet device.

Noteslate eInk tablet device
Revolutionary simple as paper

The NoteSlate is a low-cost 13” monochrome e-Ink tablet easily operated by a basic processor with ARM chip and 128 MB RAM memory at 233MHz. Resolution is 750 x 1080 pixels (100ppi. no anti-aliasing e-Ink resolution).
It comes with a stylus pen to sketch and write on it, and three hardware buttons to let you delete a page, save the current one (up to 70.000 pages), or view previous screen. Inputs and outputs are: USB, SD-slot, headphones and power. Wi-Fi connectivity is optional and battery life is about 180 hours.

Manufacturer: NotesLate, Czech Rep.
Design: Martin Hasek.
Dimensions: 210x 310x 6mm.

NotesLate colour versions:

Noteslate Drawing Demo 01 - Coming in June 2014


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Noteslate eInk tablet device2

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Stéphane said...

I like:
- Size, the best!!
- SD slot
- Eraser
- Wi-fi
- Open Source firmware
- Battery life
- Weight

I don't:
-No Undo?
-Where does the pen go?

Mike161 said...

Infinitely large paper-mode. Scroll down, lined for writing, note taking, music lined for musicians, graph for math students...

Helena Chang said...

Stephane, I think that the pen is going to be magnetically attached to the NoteSlate device.

24thfloor said...

I would buy this.

Strummered said...

The 3 buttons should be configurable.

Sowhat77 said...

As long as the software is Open Source, some of these proposals shouldn't be a problem, I think.

dholliday said...

It would be very beneficial to students if you can implement:

- calendar functionality
- search function
- folder organization
- save as function to label files
- doc, pdf, and ebook capability
- basic shape tools as circle, square and triangle
- ability to make simple table
- ability to search notes
- "save as" function

EriklaSalle said...

The purpose of WiFi is to transfer files to other computers?

Anonymous said...

Maybe, but you can also use the SD card to transfer data.
Noteslate price is going to be 99$! That's the best!

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