Suited! Product Design offers a range of ways to reach our global audience of design professionals, knowledgeable consumers and manufacturers, including banners and weekly newsletters.

Features and activities.
Suited! Product Design is a venue open to the exchange of ideas and collaboration between consumers, designers, engineers, sellers and manufacturers worldwide. Several easy-to-use surveys help evaluate which aspects (design and manufacture) of the product are the most appreciated by the user and stimulate and open a debate in which visitors can freely express their sensations, opinions and needs, and propose ways to improve the product.

Innovation through people collaboration: 
  • Several product designs in the categories of electronics/ transport / equipment / personal care / entertainment / domotics ...are published each week for public review.
  • Visitors, consumers, designers, manufacturers and sellers can propose a product design to be evaluated.
  • Basic and low-cost personalised surveys can be integrated into our standard product reviews.
  • Products in the design, development or testing phase can be presented for people collaboration or in order to seek technical, industrial or financial support.
  • Standard and Personalised Surveys plus Comments Debate resources can provide a powerful tool for designers and manufacturers to test reactions to their new trends and products.
  • International design competitions can be promoted and integrated into our blog as an exciting way to submit the preselected competition entries to public evaluation. 
We understand and work with our client-partners on their brand and product strategy in order to deliver excellent company results rather than simply placing advertisers’ banners. If you would like to discuss these options or talk about other unique opportunities please email us.

Some of Suited! Product Design ads are not available through advertising partners.
If you would like to order banner space, please fill out the application form (below), select the banner placement that best suits your needs and make us an offer.
Please note:
  • Repeat and extended contract advertisers will receive a discount.
  • Third-party ad servers are welcome.
  • Ad campaigns can be customized.


Acceptable formats

  • All of the above positions can accommodate JPEG, HTML, GIF and animated GIF banners.
  • Newsletter banner must be a GIF or JPEG file (not HTML).
  • Maximum file size – 50KB.

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Graphic ad space is available in the following sizes:

1 250 x 250 pixels (SQUARE) displayed on every page.

2 160 x 600 pixels (WIDE SKYSCRAPER) displayed on every page.

3 234 x 120 pixels (CUSTOM) - or - 234 x 60 pixels (HALF BANNER) displayed on every page.

4 160 X 160 pixels (BUTTON) displayed on every page.

5 728 X 90 pixels (LEADERBOARD) displayed on every page.
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6 728 X 90 pixels (LEADERBOARD).

Suited! Product Design reserves the right to refuse any Advertising that it feels is inappropriate for the blog. We reserve the right to make changes to this advertising program, including but not limited to pricing policy, placement of the ad on the page and technical specifications for the ads themselves.