GT-3 Active Sport Pro Wheelchair by Trekinetic

Trekinetic GT3 Active Sport Pro Wheelchair
   High tech mobility Aid

The proportion of the population using wheelchairs increases sharply with age with roughly 3% of people over 65 using them. Accordingly, Trekinetic 3-wheel designs offers a revolutionary departure from conventional wheelchairs. As the All Terrain K2 model, the GT3 has been developed for style conscious individuals, but more city-focused. Key features include a carbon fibre, auto-recline seat, nitrogen shock absorber, adjustable wheel camber, rain protection, independent wheel braking and full fold ability.

Manufacturer: Trekinetic, UK
Design: Mike Spindle (video)
Materials: Carbon fibre, T6 aluminium...
Dimensions mm: 400/480(Seat)x 710-890(Width) Front wheels: 610mm.

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Mike Spindle: Trekinetic. Source: BIPCTV


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