Occhio io 3d lamp series.

Occhio io 3d lamp series.
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The Occhio io 3d distinctive head is joined by a hidden swivel to the gently angled, flat-profile arm which serves as the basis for its remarkable three-dimensional movability. The head can be touched and safely turned 360° in any direction using the heat insulated grip pads. The pads are magnetically held allowing the user to easily exchange colour styles.

The lamp comes with the latest 18 watt – Ra85 LED chips to guarantee best light quality and maximum energy efficiency (62 lm/W – 74 lm/W). They can be switched and dimmed manually down to 13watt – with touch-free and intuitive controls (see video above). The LEDs can of course be replaced and upgraded at any time thanks to the typical simple Occhio mechanism.

The magnetically attached lens and other optical elements as color filters can be very easily exchanged with a simple turn to add up to two individual inserts.

 Manufacturer: Axelmeiselicht, Germany / Design: Axel Meise / Christoph Kügler
 Materials: Aluminum, zinc, optical plastic, glass / Dimensions: head: Ø100 mm. H:138/ 142/ 160/ 200-600/ 1272-1572 mm
 More: occhio-io.de/en/io-family/


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Occhio io 3d style world: exchanging heat insulated grip pads

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