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3Doodler printing pen

3Doodler printing pen

The first handheld 3D printer.

3Doodler is a brand new way of creating 3D objects. It uses uses 3mm ABS plastic or PLA bioplastic as its "ink", just like a 3D printer. As you draw with it on any...
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Lytro light field camera

Lytro light field camera

The Camera 3.0

Unlike a conventional camera that captures a single plane of light, Lytro is the first consumer plenoptic camera that lets people instantly capture a...
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Taga Carrier Bike and Baby Stroller

Taga Bike & Stroller

Fun and functionality.

Taga is a 3-wheel carrier bike that takes only 20 seconds (4 steps) to be transformed into a premium stroller that easily navigates stores, boards...
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The Solar-Sinter Project

The Solar-Sinter Project

3D Printing will change the world.

In a world increasingly concerned with questions of energy production and raw material shortages, the Solar-Sinter Project explores the potential of desert manufacturing... Read more »


3D printing. Arts & tech.

Inspired by the flower of the same name, this delicate and elegant light was first introduced at 100% Design in London in 2003, attracting immediate attention... Read more »
Engelbrechts Plateau lounge chair 2012

Plateau lounge chair

Converging leisure and work.

Plateau fuses table and chair into a world of its own. The name derives from the larger and flat surface of its right armrest, which becomes a table for a laptop...
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PrintDreams PrintBrush™ 4X6 printer

PrintBrush™ 4X6 printer

No format, no limits.

The PrintBrush 4X6 is an handheld RMPT ink-jet printer, with a built-in digital camera, able to print in colour (600 dpi) directly onto virtually any flat surface, including... Read more »

Ekso Bionic Exoskeleton

Ekso Exoskeleton

For the human endeavor.

Ekso is the first generation of intelligent, bionic exoskeleton that augment strength, endurance and mobility to help people with lower extremity mobility...
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SWYP (See What You Print) Concept Printer by Artefact Group

SWYP Concept Printer

Next Generation Printer.

The issue with printers is not that we lack the necessary technology, but rather that the core design and usability issues have not been fully addressed, they have... Read more »
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