Orbital Magnetic Levitating LED Light

Orbital Magnetic Levitating LED Light design by Margot Krasojevic
    Lamp that floats in air

By Margot Krasojevic

The lamp 3D printed LED diffuser is made from a lightweight ceramic or a semi transparent UV cured acrylic that gives an ethereal glow when switched on.

The light geometry is a symmetrical helix which can be balanced along a central axis depending on which surface you wish to levitate it from, the semi- conducting base creates a magnetic field around it which enables you to position the light hovering over it, when gently pushed it rotates altering it's immediate surroundings.

The light can also be hung like a static ceiling pendant. The LED is positioned within the surface of the light geometry or alternatively underneath the semi-conducting base to allow for free movement and rotation.

Manufacturer: Shapeways / Margot Krasojevic
Design: Margot Krasojevic
Materials: Ceramic and nylon
Dimensions: 170 x 120 mm
PDF Archive: Download
More: www.margotkrasojevic.org


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Orbital Magnetic Levitating LED Table-lamp design by Margot Krasojevic

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