ICON A5 Amphibious Sport Plane

     Desire for freedom

The ICON A5 was developed for recreational pilots to fly from both land and water. With a 34-foot wingspan and a lightweight carbon fiber chassis, the inspired hull and Seawings™ design provides exceptional manoeuvrability and safety. It speeds up to 120 mph with a 100 Hp engine. FAA max. altitude: 10,000ft. The plane’s cockpit has the design sophistication of a high-end sports car and was created to be intuitive and accessible. It features folding wings to make it easier to store and trailer. Built-in parachute is available.

Manufacturer:ICON Aircraft, USA
Design: Steen Strand
Materials: Carbon fiber airframe.
Dimensions: L 22x H 7.1 ft
/ Wingspan: 34 ft

ICON Aircraft on CBS Sunday Morning


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