Agrobot SW 6010 Strawberry Harvester

Agrobot SW6010 Strawberry Harvester
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Agrobot SW 6010 is a harvester equipped with a set of robotic arms whose movements are managed by an AGB® system that analyzes the fruit one by one and is responsible for ordering the precise cutting movements that guarantee accuracy, smoothness, and delicacy in the strawberry treatment.

This is possible thanks to its optical sensor AGvision ®, an artificial vision system that implement in real time a protocol for morphological and colour analysis to identify and select the fruit based on the size, external quality, and degree of maturation according to the quality standards previously set by the farmer.

The robotic arms ends in a sort of rubber lined basket with thin round plates as razors for removing fruit from pedicel.

Once picked, the strawberries are placed on a conveyor belt and are hygienically moved to the packaging area, consisting of two ergonomic workstations where operators can immediately select and pack the fruit.

The all-wheel drive SW 6010 comes equipped with high efficiency and low fuel consumption motors, Lombardini Diesel 28.5 HP engines, 2-cylinder and 1248 cm3, insulated to reduce noise and vibration.

ATCross is a revolutionary navigation system that integrates a guidance and automatic operation system (AGM), providing fully independent control of the main functions of the harvester. Totally parallel passes on the beds and perfect bed headers manoeuvres.

The chassis is designed to resist the hardest stresses and the access is distributed frontally, avoiding lower rear access control.

The robotic arms are modular and easily replaceable in case of damage or malfunction, causing minimal delay in the progress of harvest.

The SW 6010 prototype was shown to be 50% more cost efficient and the economic advantage of this harvesting method is estimated at 0.20 Eurocents per kilo of picked strawberries.

Manufacturer: Soluciones Robóticas Agrícolas, AGROBOT, Spain
Design: Juan Bravo / Agrobot
Motors: Lombardini Diesel 28.5 HP, 2-cylinder, 1248 cm3
Dimensions: 2,5x 7x 2 m


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