Taga Bike & Stroller.

Taga Bike and Stroller
    Fun and functionality

Taga is a 3-wheel carrier bike that takes only 20 seconds (4 steps) to be transformed into a premium stroller that easily navigates stores, boards trains and slides into elevators. The concept balances stroller features like anodized aluminium and advanced fabrics with state-of-the-art bike technology like disk brakes and high-end gears.

Taga accommodates a wide range of accessories like two kids seat, car seat, shopping basket and more thanks to a smart and easy to use universal adapter. The modular design makes it adaptable to changing family needs and can be used from newborns to 6 year-olds. It folds up to fit into almost any car trunk and gives many options for storing at home.
Taga design complies with the strictest safety standards for strollers and bicycles.

Manufacturer: Taga BV, The Netherlands
Design: Tagapro / Amit Barak, Michal Yahav, Nimrod Sapir, Michael Heimann, Elad Ozeri, Evgeny Onochin
Materials: Aluminum alloy 6061
Tricycle: 1650x 730x 1020 mm
Stroller: 1200x 730x 1020 mm
More: www.tagabikes.com


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Taga bike and stroller modular design

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Taga lifestyle. Source - Taga2010


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