Personalised Surveys

To complement our standard check test, if you need a more in-depth study of the response to the product, or certain demographic data of those who replied, you can add a second test (maximum 20 items) and can decide whether the results are open to the public or are open only to you. In this case we will clearly identify and differentiate both sections (open score from private score) so that visitors are aware and have the freedom to decide whether to participate in it or not.

  • Have previously proposed a product or design review by filling out the “Standard” or “Special Submission” form at the Suggest a product to be evaluated Page.
  • Draft a customized questionnaire. You can use 7 different formats for the questions, see samples here.  
  • Depending on your case, insert the draft in one of the request forms below:
    If you have an account at Google Docs (TM) and you are used to editing documents there, you can elaborate the questionnaire by yourself and send it to us. See full information and conditions in the Edit the survey yourself form.

    In this form you will have to give us your contact details and write all the questions and answers you need (up to 20). We will edit and configure the survey to integrate it into our blog. See full information and conditions in the Draft Survey form.


    We believe that customized surveys can be an important complement to some product design reviews such as those that are in the development process. But keep in mind that we are not an online survey platform.
    You must consider that, unlike such platforms, in Suited! Product Design:
    • We have no registered users.
    • We do not control the IP addresses. This means we cannot prevent a user from filling out a form more than once.
    • We do not pay for participating in surveys. At most you can offer prizes to encourage participation.
    • We do not collect any personal information that can identify users.
    • We cannot therefore select a target audience for your survey.

    FEES. FREE! Until September 1, 2012. (Offer limited to one survey per person and company. If you require further personalised surveys, please request an estimate.)

    This complementary service to product reviews is a basic and low-cost survey editing limited to 20 questions. We will help you to elaborate it in a private form to be integrated with our standard check-test, and then, when published, you will be able to access to the results as they are, with no filters nor interpretation or analysis.

    Rates vary depending on our traffic at the time of the application, the extent and complexity of the questionnaire requested and the visitors estimated participation. We will send you an estimate containing two instalments:
    The first payment *, on acceptance of the estimate, will cover the costs of managing, editing and configuring the survey for its integration into the blog page where the product will be evaluated.
    The second payment will be prior to the publication of the definitive form and will cover the rights of using our blog.

    * If you elaborate the survey by yourself in Google Docs and send it to us by filling out the “Edit the survey yourself" form you will save this first payment, and you will only have to pay the rights for using our blog (second payment).

    There will be no other costs than those reflected in the estimate and both parties are committed to respect the agreed price.

    Payments are not refundable once we edit and publish your survey, even if visitor participation is too low.

    As we don't have registered users and we don’t pay for completing surveys, we cannot guarantee the participation in the survey that you propose. The best we can do is a rough estimate based on the traffic of the blog and the precedents established by previous surveys. But mostly, the level of participation will be determined by:
    • Interest generated by the product or design in question.
    • Incentives to participate.
    • Blog traffic and indexation.
    • Quality of the form. (It must be well written, clear, concise and easy to complete.)
    You can consult our actual Traffic score here.

    When it is possible, write the questions and their answer choices, if you facilitate the survey completion you will increase visitor participation. Synthesize, be concrete, go to what really interests you and omit secondary questions. A concise and focused form will be cheaper for you and less cumbersome for those who fill it out.

    If you want a prize draw among reviewers with the aim of motivating participation, describe exactly what it is and the time of the draw so we can announce it properly.  A good idea, if the cost is reasonable, is to offer as the prize the product you are testing. See the draws operation and conditions here. 

    The personalized survey will be located just below our Suited! Standard check-test on the page of the product review that you suggested and will remain on the main blog page  (Home) for 24 hours, then, when a new product review is released, it will pass to “Previous Posts” but will also be clearly referenced in the “Latest Checks” directory on the right sidebar. At the same time, there will be a permanent directory on the left sidebar, in which we will make an appeal for participation on customized surveys proposed by users.

    Operating diagram
    You> You submit to us the product proposal to be evaluated  (Standard or Special Submission form) + draft personalized survey.

    Suited! Product Design> In response to your request, we will send you a detailed estimate and the payment method.

    You> If you agree with the estimate and want to proceed, you will have to make the first payment.

    Suited! Product Design> Once we receive the first payment, we will edit and configure the form you sent to us. We will then email you an Internet link where you will be able to see the survey and test it.

    You> You can suggest changes and / or give us your approval for its publication.

    Suited! Product Design> When you are satisfied we will edit the final version, integrate it at the page of the product review you have suggested and we will send you a Image of it so you can see the final aspect.

    You> For its publication you will have to make the second payment reflected in the estimate.

    Suited! Product Design> After receiving the second payment, we will proceed to publish the Product Evaluation and your Personalized Questionnaire. We will email you the passwords to access an account created for you at Google Docs (TM) so you can consult the real-time results of your survey in a spreadsheet (exportable to multiple formats) and also represented in charts. From this point, if you want, you can change the password so only you can access to that account. *

    * By changing passwords to access to the document, you agree and understand that you alone are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of these passwords and, accordingly, you alone will be responsible for all activities that occur under your account.

    * Once the survey is published it is strictly forbidden to modify the content of the questions. If you do, the automatic data collection of responses may cause errors or even stop working. We reserve the right to remove the survey if we find that such modifications violate the Privacy Terms and Conditions for publishing displayed at “Suited! PD / Personalised Surveys” requesting forms.

    The time of publication of the check depends on the queue of orders at that time. We will obey a strictly chronological order without any distinction.

    Privacy Policy. The email and URLs you provide us to manage and publish a private score survey and any information compiled from its results, will be treated confidentially, not used in promotional activities, published or given to third parties.