VOID V02 Watches.

V02 by VOID Watches. A minimalist approach
  A minimalist approach

VOID Watches design draws heavily on the Scandinavian design tradition using simple geometries and traditional materials. The V02 is the analogue version of V01 watch using the exact same geometry but with a classic speedometer looking dial. It uses two ‘compass needle’ hands; each one has one red and one white end that correspond to the number with the matching colour on the dial.
The stainless steel case comes in four different colours/surfaces: black, brushed, polished and gold. The movement is made in Japan.

Manufacturer: VOID LTD, Hong Kong
Design: David Ericsson (Interview)
Materials: 316 Stainless Steel, leather
Dimensions: 36x 9x 42 mm
More: www.voidwatches.com/


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