Furtif desk by Roche Bobois

Furtif desk. Aircraft principles by Roche Bobois
     Aircraft principles

Like fighter aircraft designed to spoof radar detection, Furtif desk seem to defy gravity with it spectacular cantilevered design and futuristic prismatic volumes.

As part of a Roche Bobois Furtif wide collection (that includes coffee table, buffet, console, side table,etc.) the desk frame is made in plywood and finished in solid or metallic lacquer or in veneered Alpi® grey oak finish. There is a matching filing cabinet with 3 drawers.

Manufacturer: Roche Bobois, France
Design: Daniel Rode
Materials: lacquered plywood.
Dimensions: 2200x 1100x 750 mm. 1750x 850x 750 mm.
More: www.roche-bobois.com/desks/


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Furtif desk in veneered grey oak finish, by Roche Bobois

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Ruth T. said...

Yet another piece of office furniture designed for the MALE executive. I wouldn't sit behind it even in slacks.

Papules said...

Hmmm.. A desk made for half of the species (in your opinion...). Really can't understand what is wrong with that? Aren't there things made for FEMALEs??

Ashley Casey said...

Many people find buying furniture online mysterious especially if they are not familiar with how these products are shipped and what to expect at the time of delivery.

James E Lutz said...

Superb post. Thanks for sharing.office furniture Miami.

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