Cochlear Nucleus® 5 System

The Sound Experience - Cochlear Nucleus 5 System
  The Sound Experience

Cochlear Nucleus® 5 System is a breakthrough hearing solution for people with severe to profound hearing loss.
The system features:
[1] The world’s thinnest and strongest Cochlear Implant, the CI512. At only 3.9mm, its slim design helps to reduce invasive surgery and operating time.

[2] A small, slim and water-resistant (IP57) Sound Processor, CP810, with automatic phone detection and two in-built microphones. The digital signal-processing chip has four processors performing over 180 million operations per second to interpret incoming sounds from different environments.

[3] The only bi-directional Remote Assistant, CR110, available with a full colour display and intuitive navigation.

Manufacturer: Cochlear Ltd. Australia
Design: Blue Sky Design Group
Materials: Platinum, titanium, Teflon, silicone...
[1] 3.9 mm thin.
[2] 9 mm thin x 42 mm height.
[3] 45x 110 mm.

Video Link - How does a Cochlear Implant work?
How does a cochlear implant work? (Video)


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A cochlear implant journey. Source - - © 2011 BBC
Graham Moxon goes deaf overnight and gets a cochlear implant. See Hear - Episode 27.

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