Occhio Più spotlight series.

Occhio Più spotlight modular functionality by Axelmeiselicht
    Modular functionality

Occhio Più is a modular system for recessed, surface mounted and track spotlights where all components, including lenses, colour filters and reflectors, can be interchanged to offer a wide range of options for residential and commercial lighting applications. The surface-mounted spotlights comes with a sophisticated pivoting and rotation mechanism that enables maximum flexibility.
Thanks to an in-house patented system, the13W 700mA LED chip is replaceable like a SIM card, so it can be upgraded any time in the future.

Manufacturer:Axelmeiselicht Germany
Design: A. Meise / C. Kügler
Materials: Aluminum, brass, steel.
Dimensions: Più Alto² Ø124x 114 mm
More: www.occhio.de/


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spotlights: Occhio spotlights: Più piano, Più alto and Più alto²

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