Conoflat shower tray.

Kaldewei Conoflat shower tray
  Freedom and comfort

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The modern bathroom is becoming more homely – which means it now has to fulfil more aesthetic requirements as well as functional ones. In addition to factors such as comfort, safety and sustainability, an attractive and individual design is now also a key design criterion in the bathroom.

The floor-level shower Conoflat offers an extremely flat design, with the result that trip hazards are outdated. The central outflow with the square cover in the same colour as the tray acts as a characteristic design element. It combines elegant aesthetics and unlimited freedom of movement with stability and comfort underfoot.

The shower tray is made of 3.5 mm Kaldewei steel enamel* that, unlike tiled showers, appeals for its continuous durable surface and so is extremely easy to look after.

Conoflat is available in 12 shades to offer room for classic as well as trendy room concepts.

Manufacturer: Kaldewei, Germany
Design by: Sottsass Associati
Materials: steel enamel ** 3,5mm
Dimensions: 800x800 / 1200x1200 / 759x900 / 1000x1600 x H 32 mm

** Californian Borax, Scandinavian quartz, feldspar and soda, Kaldewei uses glass-forming natural materials to produce a special enamel with a surface that is guaranteed to remain durable for at least 30 years. Not even the microscopically tiniest scratches occur on the smooth, glass-hard surface: bacteria don’t have a chance to settle. The unique surface also appeals for its easy-care properties: cleaning takes only moments, and no smears or traces remain when dry.

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