Blackbird Rider Nylon String travel guitar.

 Blackbird Rider Nylon String guitar. Carbon fibre harmonics.
 Carbon fibre harmonics

Would you take your guitar with you to the Alps? Blackbird Rider is a light, compact, weather proof, and virtually indestructible travel guitar.
The carbon fibre one-piece, hollow body, neck, and head construction, form the sound box for enhanced bass, sustain, and volume. Extended shoulder to 10th fret increases sound box air volume. Off–centre sound hole boosts effective size of the ultra–thin soundboard and increases tonal response. Innovative head–located sound hole projects sound from hollow neck to reduce standing waves.

Manufacturer: Blackbird Guitars, USA
Design: Joe Luttwak and Kyle Wolfe
Materials: carbon fibre, Corian ...
Dimensions: 927x 305x 114 mm

Blackbird Rider design


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