PiCycle™ Sport Touring electric bike.

PiCycle Sport Touring Electric Bike
  Energy storage pattern

The PiCycle™ is a 7 speed electric bicycle powered with a lithium-ion battery pack, isolated within the arch monocoque frame, that can propel the bike about 32 Km on a single charge. A 36-volt 750W brushless DC motor takes the performance up to 32Km/h top speed and a 18% grade climbing ability.

Other features include: chain drive with eccentric bottom bracket tensioning, fully adjustable front suspension, disc brakes, double wall aluminium rims and gel saddle and grips.

Manufacturer: Pi Mobility, USA
Design: Marcus Hays (video)
Materials: Recycled T6 aluminum.
Dimensions: 1.130 (Wheelbase)x 600 (Handlebars)x 710 mm
More: www.picycle.com/

PiCycle™ Sport Touring design:


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Anonymous said...

I'd like it better if peddaling charged the batteries - then it would be really ecological.

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