Gamesa G10X-4.5 MW wind turbine.

Gamesa G10X-4.5 MW wind turbine Energy culture
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The Gamesa G10X is a 4.5 megawatt wind turbine with a rotor diameter of 128 meters, equivalent to the length of a soccer field, capable of generating enough electricity to power 3,169 households for a year, replace nearly 1,000 tonnes of petroleum equivalent (TPE)annually and avoid 6,750 tonnes of atmospheric CO2 emissions per year.

Its innovative modular design features two-sectioned blades for easy transport and installation and a coupled crane system to simplify assembly and dismantling tasks. The new blade profiles has been designed to reduce aerodynamic noise and maximise output.
The drive train consists of a semi-integrated main shaft and a two-stage gearbox with no high-speed rotating components. The electrical system uses a permanent magnet synchronous generator and a full converter to comply with the most demanding grid connection regulations.

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 Manufacturer: Gamesa Corp. Spain  /  Design: Gamesa R&D centers
 Materials: Tower: concrete and steel - Blades: organic matrix composite reinforced with fiber glass or carbon fiber.
 Dimensions: 120 metres (tower) x Ø128m ( 62.5m blade - G128 rotor) or x Ø136m ( 66,5m blade - G136 rotor)

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